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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
what does it mean?
danger for earth?
 Quoting: Snear

nothing much for us I don't think. Even the x ray X flare is coming of the eastern edge so I don't know if that affect any quakes or not. the biggy hot spot at the time was over Africa on this: [link to www.swpc.noaa.gov] the middle was right over africa and bright red with the absorption at 35. I surely perceived it though as the energy spread thru the ionosphere. it was dark here when I got up at 4 am unable to sleep. I was somewhat energized, plus skin was 'burning." got some housework done etc. I have had days of dragging, but it was better yesterday. I was not online watching this stuff at the height of the last max, but I do now know that I have felt large M and X flares for many years now, which I could never associate before I was watching stuff like this.
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