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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Horun
Post Content
Hello everyone,

Indeed intersting week ahead of us.

I crawled into bed late lat night and tossed and truned for ages, just could seem to rest. Was very agitated as I now realise that when major acivity like this happens it stirs up old feelings etc.

The CME that is glancing earth is more directed to the western side of earth if you can imagine viewing earth head on from such a location in space, lol, must have been a trip on board last night!

I have a feeling we'll get many minor earthquakes, this seems to be in my "visual" this morning.

We had a nice rainstorm over night and some strong winds......but it is nice and sunny today here.

I wnoder which ship is the "big puppy"?

I know the PLedians have been in contact with me for some time now.

Semjase is getting really excited about seeing me again, as when I was a child I had major visions and dreamtime experiences with the Federation, so much so to include the embedded memory that the ships will come at night.

Heading out to do some everyday shopping things and I have to get my lawns done, so I am going to soak up as much of the rays as possible, I was just out on the back porch waking up and my upper energy centres are spinning quite fast as I can see the energy now in my Auric field clearing after many years of the dark viel of illusion being all around us.

Hope all have a wonderful day filled with joy nd excitement as many things are about to manifest for us and with us!

Kind Regards,

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