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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I may check this more often at this site. I used to a long time ago but their information was considerably more spotty then. This is a nice coverage.

[link to sidc.oma.be]


Catania 82 (NOAA AR 1302) is the most active region on the solar disk. This region was the source of the X flare yesterday and has continued to produce C-flares, the largest one being a C9.6 flare peaking at 00:33 UT. Also Catania 72 (NOAA AR 1295) remains very active with numerous C-flares yesterday and today. At 01:59 UT today it produced an M1.6 flare. No clear CME was associated to any of these events. However, the CME that accompanied the X flare yesterday was a large scale event. PROBA2/SWAP difference images show a global EUV wave. STEREO A and B chronographs imaged a clear halo CME. SOHO/LASCO suffers from a data gap, but also suggest a halo CME. Speed estimates based on COR2 data lead to a CME speed between 620 (based on STEREO A) and 900 km/s (based on STEREO B). We expect the earth may receive a glancing blow from this CME, probably in the morning of september 25. As a result of this event, the GOES proton flux also started to rise, but the measurements stayed just below the ~10MeV threshold. We can expect more C- and possibly M-flares from regions Catania 72 (NOAA AR 1295, turning over the west limb) and Catania 82 (NOAA AR 1302).

Geomagnetic conditions are currently quiet. If the glancing blow of the CME of yesterday reaches the Earth on September 25th, unsettled to active conditions are possible.

[link to stereo.gsfc.nasa.gov] from yesterday which I posted earlier in this thread. the area to the lower left would be why it may glance us. I figured maybe there had possibly been two CME's about the same time, but its just a huge halo I guess.
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