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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Horuinsun
Post Content
Well, thankyou Spaceweather for the bs CME, I am a bit red faced and embarressed today becuase pf it lol!

Another bueatiful day here, with Azzure blue skies and a gentle warmth from brother sun. A few annoying grinders being used by the neighbours, but hey what are you gonna do!

Interesting piccie of Big Puppy, also intereswting were the ships over Russia, I was picking up a few things on the eithers for the last few months about talks with Russian parliament, but this could just be my own prejections!

So what is the function exactly of Big Puppy? are these the transport ships or some kind of universal tow truck so to speak or some kind of arcitectural ship that works on the firmament?

Just about to have a look at field for the last day that yggims on youtube outs together!

As I type I just had a look and it seems there hasnt been must activity on his page for awhile. I used to look at this all the time but do to recent relocations my day to day life has been through some upheavals lol.

Theres alot of speculation going on as to when this satelite will come down, otherwise to me there is not much news worth watching on MSM, which I bouycot like the plague it is!

All seems poised now for a big surprise! Eq activity is showing some quakes just below the surface of the earths crust at a stable magnitude, seems like a calm before the storm so to speak.

Spacweather is talking about solar flares again due to a recent addition to the earth facing side of the sun with sunspot areas as big as the earth coming into view. X flares have been given a 20 per cent probabitity and M clas are at a 70 per cent.

Should be an interesting week though as this progress rapidly as a few messages coming in now poit to the likelihood of this occourring.

Not much else to report, hope you all are well NIP I certainly hope the throat is better.

Off for a shower and then some yoga followed by a 7pm meditation timeslot.

Kind Regards,

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