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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Horusinsun
Post Content
Cool, thanks NIP for the explanation on the craft lol, I was wondering last night wether big puppy was the Phoenix, but then I rememeber reading the phoenix journal number 30 and that the phoenix was positioned near the Pleides, however this could have changed?

Had the worst headache ever last night and still feel the effects today, just got up feeling pretty terrible but then remembered that first contact is very very soon which is more than worth putting aside these feelings lol!

Just went to spaceweather and they are saying a possibility of a glancing CME hitting earth on 26th plus 7 hours, and yes I just saw it there with my own two eyes!

NOAA Forecasts

Updated at: 2011 Sep 24 2200 UTC
FLARE 0-24 hr 24-48 hr
CLASS M 80 % 80 %
CLASS X 40 % 40 %

Geomagnetic Storms:
Probabilities for significant disturbances in Earth's magnetic field are given for three activity levels: active, minor storm, severe storm
Updated at: 2011 Sep 24 2200 UTC
Mid-latitudes 0-24 hr 24-48 hr
ACTIVE 40 % 10 %
MINOR 30 % 50 %
SEVERE 01 % 30 %

High latitudes 0-24 hr 24-48 hr
ACTIVE 40 % 10 %
MINOR 30 % 60 %
SEVERE 01 % 30 %

Heres the current data they are posting on flares etc.

Should be an interesting week, Iris siesmic have a few quakes on it today, but we shall see if this CME does come wether activity will increase.

Note this morning my ezars are buring and then I went into hot and colds for abit, wether this be the effects from the other day or a cold we'll have to wait and see.

Have a great day everyone,

Kind Regards,

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