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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Cool, thanks NIP for the explanation on the craft lol, I was wondering last night wether big puppy was the Phoenix, but then I rememeber reading the phoenix journal number 30 and that the phoenix was positioned near the Pleides, however this could have changed?

Had the worst headache ever last night and still feel the effects today, just got up feeling pretty terrible but then remembered that first contact is very very soon which is more than worth putting aside these feelings lol!

 Quoting: Horusinsun 1936083

the Phoenix moves where they want it to go. it was over denver down low, I mean looking like venus does, size wise, brighter even, for 10 months in 2005. CM put on a light show one night for the neighbor kids.

The Phoenix is a very small command craft, about 900 meters in diameter. (about 1/2 mile). So that should give you an idea how down close he was.

He has told me at least one, one time he was parked out by saturn, in one piece we did, and I don't remember where saturn was to us at that time. I have finally had a couple better days.
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