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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Horusinsun
Post Content
Nip thankyou so very much for what you do, you are a true inspiration and born leader dear one!

I am looking forward to meeting more with CM, I did ask him why the sunglasses, and then got quite a bright flash!

Its a wonderful time to be here, at last dear Gaia will be lifted out of this smog and into a birght new future. Dindt do meditation tonight as my head feels like it is going to explode!

Here is the latest from Spaceweather:

A solar wind stream flowing from the indicated coronal hole could reach Earth on Sept. 30th or Oct. 1st. Credit: SDO/AIA.

NOAA Forecasts

Updated at: 2011 Sep 24 2200 UTC
FLARE 0-24 hr 24-48 hr
CLASS M 80 % 80 %
CLASS X 40 % 40 %

Geomagnetic Storms:
Probabilities for significant disturbances in Earth's magnetic field are given for three activity levels: active, minor storm, severe storm
Updated at: 2011 Sep 24 2200 UTC
Mid-latitudes 0-24 hr 24-48 hr
ACTIVE 40 % 10 %
MINOR 30 % 50 %
SEVERE 01 % 30 %

High latitudes 0-24 hr 24-48 hr
ACTIVE 40 % 10 %
MINOR 30 % 60 %
SEVERE 01 % 30 %

Here in Tasmania I might finally get to see some dancing lights of the Aurora variety.

New message from Federation on Youtube, Andromadeans and alot of the other councils are talking about the increasing evergy vibrations and the practice of detatchment from the illusion of chaos.

I have been seeing the shuttle craft in my vision time and know we are closer than ever at ending the stranglehold of the dark cabals from this thirteen millenia or so of out and out bastardry against CM and us all!

I am sending much love to CM and Jmannuel at this time congratulating him and his great team, meaning you guys at AHS.

Ever an avid reader, and much support from me to you all at this time.

Also on spaceweather there was a recording of the sun activty from Mexico on the 24th. Interesting noise coming in, lets hope it takes out the TV so there is no more nausiating TV broadcasts from the deceivers. I have resigned myself not to watching TV until you know what happens!

Keep up the great work, I have been trawling GLP for others threads done by yourself, and few posters are quite intelligent whilst I see you copped abuse from sheer ingnorance of those with the insults. If I had internet back then I would have come to your assistance, with my etheral sword of truth, however I was staying at a halfway home, trying to get trough to the Christians who were running the place, manhy seeds planted, as thanks to them for looking after me I painted the star that used to be in the LHC of the AHS, I am not that well apainter as I would have gladly painted one of Jmannuel there, how fascinating the image from the Akashic Records of the good man and Joseph. I can certainly attest the the authenticity of it.

Oh well, Yoga and then bed me thinks. Soon I will be able to speak with you in person, maybe a stiff drink or just a cosmic cappucino.

Thoughts like this keep me going, looking forward to that American charm.

Talk to you soon, and Love to all beings as they awake to thr good times that are manifesting.

Kind Regards,

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