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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So what does it mean. All these flares.. ? What does it mean to us.... ?

I mean this has been happening for a long time, why is now any different?>:ttb2:
 Quoting: Aeonpi

As far as I know its not different, the sun has moved heavily out of the min, but I know I have felt more sun stuff in the past than now. Nothing affects anybody, until the call is made for ministasis, other than of course the normal earth changes going on and they are slow this week, because our magnetosphere has been quiet. I mostly am doing this thread just to watch and post my own commentary for anyone interested. I didn't have a computer online during the last solar max, well I did, but I wasn't watching it all.

I was coming here to post this link to BATS R US which will be useful for those who miss NICT. I almost forgot about it. It images a bit differently but still very effective when a storm comes in. right now its quiet too. The pressure image is on the right and the color is showing the current leval of protons coming in. We are apparently getting another glancing blow right now.

[link to ccmc.gsfc.nasa.gov]
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