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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Horusinsun
Post Content
Umm the mag filed just totally went flat on nict, the usuall bell shape top has become a straight like and everything just dropped! Interesting image!

Real-time Magnetosphere Simulation


The Latest Image


Plasma Temperature and Density at Geostationary Orbit and AE Index


Recent Pressure Images (20 minitus interval)

09/26/2011 07:26:22 UT

09/26/2011 07:06:12 UT

09/26/2011 06:45:58 UT

09/26/2011 06:25:45 UT

09/26/2011 06:05:34 UT


Recent Images (15 minutes interval)

Time Data

Not sure wehter the image made it through or not, but probably in the next hour or so it will curve again. Not much on Densoty or heat and By just went downwards.......I am still learning how to read this thing and could do withan Realtime Magnetosphere for dummies session lol.

As for the ramoant disinfor, bring on Ministasis which will be meditated on every moment now, the much needed truth and change from our firends in fleet is SURELY needed.

I understand how you feel NIP, when you know something so much and you try to communicate it and it seems to fall on deaf ears, lets pray the miracle opens up our eyes and hearts to what is true and needed at this time. I mean I was absolutely gobsmacked that another 9/11 came around with not as much as a fart from the truth movement in America, no you NIP, one new youtube camera angle change and nothing more on that dark day. I advise folks to reach Holy War Inc, which was released before 9/11 as a book, which details the CIA involvement in running terror campaigns and backing to those toy soldiers they later used as scapegoats.....wool needs to be shorn and sadly the infested dag ends of America need an immediate inspection and healing if we are to move forward.

Tasmania is still apart of Colonial Australia the false state and it sickens me to go down Yorj street or some other Bristish named street here, where the buildings are soulless monsters in the eys of a decaying city, beautiful nature in the other regions of this state, but the memory in the earth of violence, oppression and killing, really does drown the senses.

Good Night!
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