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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Hrusinsun
Post Content
Yes NIP and good folks of this thread, this week will be a big one, more stuff coming from the field, just had a looka nd the pressure is up again! Looks like the kinda energy needed for Gaia to make her moves so to speak.

Velocity has gone right up as well and then tapered down. Nasa reporting geomag storms and Aurora activity to move down into USa a bit more, planetary K index is at a 24 k= 8 index, reports of lights in New York and down into USA a bit more than usual which would be great if I were there to take some piccies.

Yes Bristish Colonialism vs Khazzar regions, oh hang on, that means the same thing doesnt it?! lol!

With the party about to start I am offerring to join the chef in the kitchen so to speak, I would like to offer my favourite dish of Dansih pastries to the cosmin suffle! Danish for those who now, are better made by taking ones time so the layers of pastry unfold perfectly to give max flavour and texture. Then theres the filling, apple and blueberrie served with cream yummmo!

The underlying tone of the Dansih analogy is about things that manifest over time and when they are not rushed leads to greater statisfaction, similar to building ones house hey NIP?

Anyways little on the EQ front, my sister and I are avid storm watchers and I would lkike to see avery good one at the close of this age. Unlike hurricane Hilary which will not make landfall of the Californain/Mexican coast!

Not much more to report here, however a final comment on energy rising out of the earth. A dear friend of mine visited my home town in Ireland, Ennistymon County Claire and was racked by visions of ghosts and wars and the like. As another sensitive, the memory of earth and things that happenned in certain areas can be felt and even viewed if you are attuned to see that way.

Here in Tasmania there was countless slaughters of indigenous tribes as well as the natural habitat. Lets know that after stasis the earth shall no longer be haunted by these atrocities. I'd very much dislike travelling to the mideast atm although the wind does carry a fowl memory at times of things that have happenned in distant pastures.

PS Last night I finally had a decent nights sleep where my dreams were not filled full of nightmares, I can feel a change coming and it has been forming since I was a child.....the visions I had then I am now starting to unterstand and if you would like to view these I have embedded my writing with this one particular one......

Kind Belssing to you all, and keep your eyes on the horizons for out weary space buddies!
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