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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Horusinsun
Post Content
Hey guys, nice night tonight, found an interesting link that shows a realtime mag field display for 26th of sept. quite a awesome sight to behold, especially when the field dissappeared for a short amount of time.

[link to www.youtube.com]

Tonight quite quiet here but storms of the geo mag variety continue, eqs seem quiet and news of friends in danger has put me in a really shit mood, so I wont be as bubbly.

For those ones who have dark intentions, simply fuck off and enjoy your prison sentences will you, after all you were offerred enough is enough.

Have fun in your cells and literally shit yourself with the universal court proceedings.

Sorry guys if this is not of the mindset we are needed to be in, but after all we have seen, witnessed and lived through down to the treatment of close family friends as well as you dear ones, I am at my wits end with compassion for these ones.

I mean given a peaceful solution and then attack another country in Lybia? Continue force feeding the asleep masses with your drivel? The shit stinks to high heaven, the earth was never meant for this kind of abuse, and I am sure and will stay until she is the jewel she was intended to be!

Asking blessings from CM please, mini stasis if you will my dear man!! That way I can at least hold a face to face conversation with NIP whom I have been worried about for years and is constantly in my thoughts as these dark CUNTs would even do this to a dear Marayan friend.........

Now ifeel a little better, once you get to know me, I dont tolerate abuse in any form, and am working hard to manifest a world that is FREE from these ills.

I wonder if those heavy transport ships had to be hosed out after some of the dark ones were escorted away?

Sorry NIP if this is not of Urantian consciousness which you have struved for in all your dealings and for who I have great respect and reverence.

I am off to meditate and hopefully when I awake, a nice of Pleadian woman mught be there to pick me up or maybe I'll egt to see dear Eduard Mier and we can build some really cool Pledian buildings as I was thought to, or maybe we'll have a huge showing of ships and maybe it will be accepted by the masses that there is no threat from outer space except from those delsuional thoughts planted in our brains by Hollywood?!

No Greys here folks, they are in qurantine and have signed a treaty not to return, No Reptilians either, they are not allowed near earth ever again at this rate, No Annuanaki, they were deleted from Life for fucking up everything down to our genetics which I belive rooted alot of illness here on earth, God is not a slave driver and not to be feared, but these bird headed creeps that were accpeted as Gods for who knows why were more than domineering in their dealings here......God is not pie in the sky folks, but he certainly likes pie lol, maybe come to the table folks ans SMMMMEEEELLLL what Aton has been cooking.........

Anyways I guess I just had to let that out............and Oh me on a Solar Thread, shit... oh well I did provide a link and maybe some long needed backup to an old teacher of mine......God bless NIP proud of you and the crew......

And to all a goodnight as I go to bed,

Brendan, formerly of Melbourne via the universe, with a very sore neck from stress and god knows what hit me a couple of years ago which wasnt friendly.......

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