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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Oh hi NIP I wondered where you were?

Glad you gave an opinion on this. Facts actually. I could tell after a while it wasn't earth directed but Mitch Battros of (Earth Changes Media) said a cme is arriving tonight and some guy on you tube too. I dont see where though.

Maybe it's in some of the missing footage. Anyway I don't see anything on the Nict yet.
 Quoting: finley

spaceweather says we have minor ones coming. I don't remember, since I forgot to keep a journal here as to when the last time anything happened. I would have to go back and look. That is one reason i was going to keep this thread going was as a journal. Seems like we had a couple a few days ago, but without going back, I am not sure. I could do that tomorrow I am up right now got awakened by an alarm which should have not gone off, so I am just seeing if there was some reason I was awakened. We did get a "gamma ray" storm, and my ears are going like crazy even many hours later.
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