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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Horusinsun
Post Content
Well folks, more energy coming in from the sun now as just Checked Realtime and much heat is pouring in, density is up and down as well as Bz and By meters.........could be an interesting night, convection is changing as well, things are warming up a bit in the mid latitudes.

I was out in the sun today, and with the wethaer forecast at 16c it was a hell of a lot hotter than that. Felt some bursts coming in from the sun, now it seems that the polar regions are under some increased pressures, a bloke on youtube was saying that he thinks we could have the polar reversal soon.....it would be interesting to see this.

Sleeping heeps but not waking rested atm, periods of tiredness as well as total and utter restlessness followed by dullness....it is quite a ride this time with the shifting of the polar charges, which I think is the easiest way to explain it. I remember reading that the field will change its electromagnetic polarity or charge....it is going to be interesting to see what this looks like.

Indeed there has been some changes in the sky, The sky seems a bit brighter at night as these new energies flood in. I have also noticed that there is sunlight in the sky long after sundown, this perhaps due to the location I'm in being in Tasmania, but the mind does wonder.

Saturn and Mercury are doing an alignment atm, atronomy and astology seem to be in marriage and I was reading that there are some major ones coming with the sun, Venus and Earth in November which I wonder if that is what Michael is alluding to with the coming alignments he discussed earlier.

Oh well, can I also ask you guys if you have been experiencing any memory loss atm? I have struggling with this myself, remembering verbatim things I have read or written to a certain degree but yhis wears off after a time.

Looks like alot of grounding ahead of us tonight, lets put it to good use and welcome brother sun as he rises through earth mother, and forgive me for any typos.....lol.

One final note regarding the moon tonight, we had a massive ringed halo around the moon tonight, strong clear and vibrant, I felt a little on edge but I was told once that this could be a precurser for quakes which have been a bit quite lately.

Well I'll sign off for now, if anyone would like to chat with me or share their knowledge with me it would be welcomed, gets a bit lonely being the only one around the house who loves this kinda stuff.....

Kind Regarda,

Brendan via the BIG CHEESEY universe of Nebadon.
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