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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Horusinsun
Post Content
Hey Guys,

Well its raining here and I can certainly feel Gaias sadness.

A few quakes one on the eastern coast of Us on the ridgepoint there, only 5 or os on the ricther scale, one over six in South America and few around the ring of fire. My attention was drawn today to California, knowing how tenuous the situation there is, I almost expect to wake and see it gone.

Things have definately slown down quite significantly, I was hoping the recent sun activity would stimulate Gaia to move, but she is bogged down again.

Poor Girl needs this so much, this change that is in effect that is, and we must talk with her in prayer that once she has moved through this she will no longer be sad or depressed, but once again restored to her true beauty and raidiance and the ones here on earth will respect her and give reverence to her like she hasnt felt in quite some time.

We walk hand in hand with her, and I am ever greatful for her gifts she has bestowed upon us, like the rain today brought me and my flatmate togehter so we could be inside and on good terms, plus the water for the plants and the way that rain cleanses the soul of us all. I also like it at night to sleep with the rain falling, everyone is off the roads and inside where they are safe and you can really feel at one with her during these times.

Just a few kicks Gaia and it is done, rebirth of the phoenix! The ones that go will be taken care of, those who stay will live closer to you than in any other civilisation before. Finally you will recieve the attention and affection you so greatly crave!

Field is taking in some new energy as we speak, density is up and the convection is snaking its way into the mid latitudes again! It looks less than when I checked it at this time roughly last night, maybe the small CME effects taking place?

Will keep an eye out though over the next hour or so before bedtime!

Take care all, and NIP I hope your legs get better, if it is bruising then Arnica cream helps alot to reduce the swelling and aids in rapid healing. I discovered this years ago from my Mum when I was struck by a car whilst riding my bike. I was on crutches for around three days, and I attribute the rapid healing due to this wonderful ointment.

Kind Regards,

Brendan, on Earth today lol but still awaiting my Pleadien buddies!
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