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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Hprusinsun
Post Content
Hey guys, thought this is interesting...

06-OCT-2011 23:53:00 58.11 -32.31 4.8 9.9 REYKJANES RIDGE
06-OCT-2011 00:39:33 57.88 -32.56 5.6 10.2 REYKJANES RIDGE
06-OCT-2011 00:03:04 57.95 -32.33 5.0 10.0 REYKJANES RIDGE
05-OCT-2011 23:52:20 57.87 -32.55 5.4 10.0 REYKJANES RIDGE
05-OCT-2011 23:02:12 57.99 -32.58 4.8 10.0 REYKJANES RIDGE

Looking at the depth obviously somethings on the rise, could it be the floor and changes in ocean depth due to stresses from the shifting polar regions? Could there be a volcano in this area? Could the tectonics be grinding and this area under alot of pressure, I remember Esu talking about the Azores Volcanic crater that could go, is this anywhere near this location?

Hi NIP, enjoy your date, you deserve some down time! I wonder if it is with a spunky bearded fella?!

Anyways be sure to have fun, interesting now about CME's. we must be in the quickening now of events......

Density has just jumped in the field again....and then is tapering off it was around 18-20 protons per cm3 and now is back at 12......

Spaceweather is reporting relatively quiet conditions over the next 24hrs, a Solar stream on the 9th to come as well as six earth facing sunspot which they believe will have minimal earth directed flares......

Two tropical storms off the west coast of USA down near the Cali/Mexican border and Hurricane Phillipe in the Atlantic all look like they will not see landfall at all but will wear themselves out.....

Anyways enough for now, but I'll be watching as I like to do, overcast hear in Tasmania with a few nice dark blue cloud fronts about, maybe we'll see lightening which would be nice.

Night Brendan.
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