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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Horusinsun
Post Content
Well another interesting day, sunshine, rain and a nice break from the norm by going out for dinner.

Man I have some serious cabin fever atm!

Anyways, many discussions seem to be going on about California atm.

I keep getting updates from Fleet at certain times as to the likelihood of this.

I out forward a motion that it could be a good time for stasis, seesings that things are quiet with the changes atm and that it could give us every oppourtunity for announcements and the other fun stiff to go ahead, but tonight I have a feeling that the earth changes may accellerate!

As for not reprting these events from the folks at USGS really saddens me, as I would love to be a siesmologist, I think I hae more integrity than those who work there, for witholding information and such.

There was one reported a little while ago on the CAli/Nevada border of the 4 mag and I think it was 12km in depth, however and I am glad you posted NIP the other quakes.

Knowing how brittle the undersea cave structure is there, any event should be treated with respect and concern for what COULD unfold there. NIP these thoughts just wont seem to leave me alone about this area, and I mentioned it in the past as to what I was receiving, trying harder than ever to clear my channels to connect with those in the know as energy centres do become quite clogged in the current environment, I am told that round the clock monitoring by fleet is taking place and that evacs can be underway if in need.

As well as eqs, one of the recently reported hurrivance, may change its course and I could stand corrected of my recent post regarding them not making landfall.

One seems to be turning north east which if course stays on this direction it could make landfall loweer down in Claifornia. I wonder if kinetic forces could force movemet there as it is much spoken of the tenuous nature of that area in particular.

The mag field seems quiet now and density is lower than before so not much else to report!

Goodnight to you all and hope all is well.

Kind Regards,

Brendan nia the universe......
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