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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
well the magnetosphere remains very quiet. I may keep a list of quakes not on usgs today. there are several glaring errors already. But we have 2 quakes over 7 this week which is unusual. I haven't heard but a bit on tv about the turkey quake a few hours ago, have not idea of the damage. It seems to be in a area that is not heavily populated and is tossing lots of aftershocks making usgs. there are a lot of 3+ too that are not there, very active site. I won't bother with the aftershocks of the turkey quake, well I did a couple big ones not posted. I will update again later.

20:44 31.35 N 45.55 E 33km mb 5.7 IRAQ

18:07 utc5.19 N 39.14 E 33km mb 5.3 ETHIOPIA

12:23 utc 36.48 N 45.26 E 87km mb 5.2 A. IRAN-IRAQ BORDER REGION

11:32 utc 34.52 N 45.85 E 33km mb 5.2 IRAN-IRAQ BORDER REGION this is not the same location as the quake reported for this time on usgs, just to be clear.

11:10 38.76 N 46.12 E 10km mb 5.3 NORTHWESTERN IRAN

11:10 36.66 N 48.18 E 15km mb 4.9 NORTHWESTERN IRAN

11:05 60.61 N 93.91 E 33km mb 5.4 NORTHCENTRAL SIBERIA, RUSSIA

11:03 utc 50.37 N 22.56 E 30km mb 5.2 POLAND

11:00 utc 38.28 N 43.07 E 33km mb 6.0 EASTERN TURKEY well I am listing this one, its important and left out.

10:56 utc 35.26 N 50.68 E 15km mb 5.8 NORTHERN IRAN

10:56utc 34.81 N 45.11 E 33km mb 4.9 IRAN-IRAQ BORDER REGION

10:53 38.75 N 43.20 E 7 ML 5.1 EASTERN TURKEY another one missed on eastern turkey, so what the heck, include it because its over 5 CNN is just now showing some images of collapsed buildings and saying there has been deaths.

10:44 utc 37.08 N 29.19 E 10km ML 5.2 WESTERN TURKEY

9:20 utc 41.17 N 70.61 E 25km mb 4.1 EASTERN UZBEKISTAN including this because usgs claims they post all world wide quakes above 2.5 I choose to start with the 4+

7:23 utc 35.27 N 7.90 E 10km mb 5.2 NORTHERN ALGERIA

4:58 utc 33.88 N 69.49 E 2km ML 4.0 CENTRAL AFGHANISTAN

3:48 utc 42.82 N 118.69 E 10km mb 4.9 EASTERN NEI MONGOL, CHINA

3:47 utc 53.58 N 160.91 E 60km mb 4.7 NEAR EAST COAST OF KAMCHATKA

1:31 utc 4.54 S 100.71 E 10km M 4.6 SOUTHWEST OF SUMATRA, INDONESIA

1:28utc 37.56 N 69.22 E 2km ML 4.0 TAJIKISTAN

1:28 35.41 N 68.54 E 2km ML 4.3 CENTRAL AFGHANISTAN
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