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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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well I have returned for a nice nap I needed and this is more than a quickie sudden impulse from the edge of a cme, its a CME, and I assume the one that came first in that group of 3 2 days ago that seemed earth directed.

[link to www2.nict.go.jp] climbing to 1500 on the AE index.

And the wind increase is hanging in there. We shall see what it all does regards any quakes that might result. I thought initially this was a short event possibly of fleet origin, they have done this when we needed protons, but this is a regular normal cme. It was miscalled as a sudden impulse by NASA.

a lot of protons inside the magnetosphere that will be affecting the ionosphere. [link to www2.nict.go.jp]

[link to www.swpc.noaa.gov] these latest CME' are causing more change in the GOES magnetometer than in the past.

now on this link right above, this is the statement below. I have bolded some of it, because this has done that, the data near zero on the NOON or daylight side. Now let me go look at another image. I will edit again so this is all together .

The GOES Hp plot contains the 1-minute averaged parallel component of the magnetic field in nanoTeslas (nT), as measured at GOES-13 (W75) and GOES-15 (W89). The Hp component is perpendicular to the satellite orbit plane and Hp is essentially parallel to Earth's rotation axis. If these data drop to near zero, or less, when the satellite is on the dayside it may be due to a compression of Earth's magnetopause to within geosynchronous orbit, exposing satellites to negative and/or highly variable magnetic fields. On the nightside, a near zero, or less, value of the field indicates strong currents that are often associated with substorms and an intensification of currents in the Earth's geomagnetic tail.


well I don't have the link I want, but this is interesting as this graph has been made to go to 16 instead of the 10 it had maybe 10 days ago. I mentioned that change somewhere above. Despite the change from 1 to 16, it has again a white spot which means it's over 16. 10 is now yellowish green on it, and you see that had they not changed the limits on the graph, the white spot would be really HUGE. [link to www.gdgps.net]

[link to www.gdgps.net]
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