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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Horusinsun
Post Content
Hey Candace,

Just before I go into another bot of hayfever sneezing and madness, Spaceweather have a short clip posted to site showing the latest CME.

They are stating it took 41hrs to reach us at a speed of 2 million mph. Interesting hey?

What also was interesting were a few white large items moving quickly with the cloud or just before it reached them.

Wondering if this is fleet ride the wave and doing energy works on the southern polar region, as alot of the cloud had southern polarised energy spaceweather are saying. Felt like it was a blanket effect for earth and it certainly balled the field overnight with some very high reading on BZ and By indexes.

Must go and hope you are well during these times, certainly sounds like the tenuous situation on the western coast is certainly acceralting, the messages of California warnings have been echoing in my ears for the past week or so again, so maybe Soltec. Adama or the various guessing games I play with whom it is who keep telling me things lol!

Night and achoo lol!

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