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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Horus In Sun
Post Content
HI Candace,

Brendan now with a login account yay me!

6.9, now in Peru with a set of aftershocks, now tsunami threat posted through the PTWC.

I have been noticing over the last few weeks that the ksy is jolting! Like the fluid motion and movement of the planet is well off at this time.

Also on realtime a moment ago, the velocity lessened in block from over 700 km/s to mear nothing.........

The sun seems to be listing towards the southwest at sunset and the planes surface feels as though it is rolling to a certain respect and then stopping. Also as our memory and consciousness is connected to the field, I have had moments of sheer memory loss, followed by support from the celestials as well the biggin just aiding with balance and stuff.

Intersting very much to me what a time to be here with the greatest roller coaster ride happening in all respects, could do with a vomit bag though lol!

Yes indeed much needs to happen before go time from fleet et al! Including some exposure of the dark ones and earth changes alplenty, hang onto your hats folks!

See ya somewhere in the middle and go Gaia go, quite windy here tonight with centrifugal winds circling in and around plus is overcast, I am SO excited!

Kind Regards,

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