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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
ok I think this will be a day of unreported quakes again on usgs. And remember they claim to show all 2.5 and above globally. Which they do not, all those european ones on EMSC are never there, until they hit 4.5 most of the time and not always then. I am still having coffee and waking up, so this works until I need to get serious.

11:53 utc 10.45 N 88.42 E 33km mb 4.9 BAY OF BENGAL

11:29 utc 74.25 N 9.36 E 10km mb 4.3 GREENLAND SEA SC3

8:41 utc 46.20 N 152.58 E 80km mb 4.3 KURIL ISLANDS

7:35 utc 28.57 N 9.76 W 30 mb 4.3 MOROCCO

7:27 utc 46.02 N 152.18 E 130km mb 4.0 KURIL ISLANDS

3:31 utc 56.22 N 75.11 E 33km mb 4.8 SOUTHWESTERN SIBERIA, RUSSIA

1:50 utc 35.99 N 178.78 W 10km mb 5.6 NORTH PACIFIC OCEAN

1:45 utc 14.78 S 177.60 W 600km mb 5.7 FIJI REGION
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