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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Horus In Sun
Post Content
Hey guys,

Ummm just to clear something up incase my meesage was misleading.

I was reporting on a jolting effect of the sky not the sum.

What seems to happen is this: Usually clouds freely float through the sky, unless of course they are near mountain rangaes and then they tend to fan out and disperse to a certain degree.

Here in an open area where clouds used to float and move freely, I have been witnessing with my own eyes and sublte pausing of some clouds fronts, followed by a jolting movement of them and then seeing them move on. If I am paitient outside I can usually watch for around fifteen minutes and am seeing this happen more frequently over the last couple of months especially.

I was wondering wether this was due to energy shocks from siesmic discharges of wether this was due to the fields position etc etc.

Thankyou for reminding me of equinox, as I do not have a calendar or a visible clock in this house at all and am rarely reminded of such times as per above.

I havent been in Tasmania long, usually am from the mainland of Australia so it takes some time to work out the positioning of things such as the sun.

Iris showing one eq in Califrnia of a lower mag, but maybe this will lead to the mini quakes Esu was talking about recently, also Italy have had flash flooding recently and some volcanoes are having ash plumes releasing from the cauldera.

Was on Earth Changes Media last night and they do chronicle earth changes which might be of some use to us at this time.

Kind Regards,

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