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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Horus In Sun
Post Content
Hi Candace,

Yes I am the one you mentioned the suns position to.

It does seem to be heading more southwest, I will get my compass out soon as it will give me an indication there.

So more CME's coming in. Wonderful.

I had one of the worst headaches today I've had in some time, I'm sleeping a fair whack of hours and waking still unrested.

Little aggitated and grumpy for a few hours then feel clear and functioning again.

As with Les who has woken a few times with the dementia feeling, although things are clearing up a bit more each day.

Thugs and forums hey, maybe it would be a good time just to remove them all together. Strangely overnight the night before I read about the attacks I was praying for their removal and banning them from this reality altogether. 13 millenia of disception I think speaks for itself and it is high time, these high crimes stopped and were put to their karma and choices.

Beautiful day here in Tas nice birds chirpping, some carrying messages which is also a custom of mine to do so. Evening meditation at 7pm. Things are starting to clear nicely with this team effort of ours.

As I said before, would love to be on the forum, I guess I'll have to wait, bloody email break ins not just of myself, but also friends on different networking sites having things hacked into.

Thankyou for the ACE site info, could you please link it for me? This way I can save it to my favourites.

Also Candace I wrote before about Earth Changes Media, they are carrying information atm regarding the Canary islands, which another writer mentioned above earlier.

Enough for now,

Kindest, Warmest Regards,

See you in the soup,

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