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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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well a little comment, which I can't remember if I put it into this thread or not,, Alaska has steadily increase in quakes since the several years ago I began to watch it, probably 2004 or so. Back then the 7 day average was running 125 or so. then it began to climb, running in the 200's and it rarely drops under 300 now. And now as of a few weeks ago, I am seeing it go above 400, which it did a week or more ago, and is again. Right now its 444 going over 400 again yesterday or day before.

Its acting up offshore Japan today, with one quake just east of Tokyo that I assume may have been noticed, it was 5.7. 6+ quakes further north on that fracture each of northern Honshu. California is climbing again this morning, but count wise except there there are big clusters there, I think they remain sort of the same range over many years.

Magnetosphere quiet this morning. bz has been almost continuously negative for the last 24 hours, actually for the last 48.
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