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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Oceano
Post Content
C--have you seen this? Follow link and read message. I am writing to you from the PNW.

BTW, AH not opening. Is it down?

AHHH the syncronisites just keep coming.. I have been reading Mark Kimmels site for over 5 yrs.. he is one of the few channelers I read and think is legit.. Anyway as I hit enter on the last post, I thought to myself I should go and check out if mark has any info on these coming days.. so I started to minimise my GLP thread windows when a post from one of them caught my eye because it had his name in it.. I clicked the link given and lo and behold a new message from him, reposted at another site.. just wow. Here is the link..

[link to lightworkers.org]
 Quoting: Oceano 16131808

[link to lightworkers.org]
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