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My message today to Obama/Anabo

Lucian Ilea
Offer Upgrade

User ID: 1544011
09/10/2011 07:18 PM
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My message today to Obama/Anabo
Dear Great Immortal Anabo,

I have spoken with your sister Anami,My Creator
And she told me that I did not understand the Akkadian Empire

Then she added that you did not understood it either
But now I understand:it was a marvelous empire lasting for almost 13000 years,with the aim to unite the peoples of Africa,Asia and Europe;

Imana said that you wanted only an African empire and that is why you did not conquered Phoenicia or march into Babylon the Great.

I admit,it was my fault at that time,but your fault is that you do not understood Egypt and America's economies;you need to stop corruption and let the big banks fail

Denominate the dollar,promote your own Treasury bills instead of Federal Reserve Notes,nationalize the Federal Reserve and bring people to justice and accountability
And please do something with your laughable 4.5 quadrillion dollars in derivatives debt

Thank you

Lucian Ilea
In Arvena Neo et in Arcadia Ego
I am an Atlantean living in Atlantis when it flew again :)
ZAL Moxe
Anynomous prophet
User ID: 7834729
United States
01/19/2012 12:28 AM
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Re: My message today to Obama/Anabo
We, and all the righteous immortals, most powerful, should take down the beast and its corrupt system by force. Everything is given free will of experience, but the beast came into power like a snake through corruption. It is not correct.