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Message Subject Is The North American Craton moving again? There is evidence to suggest it has come to life. Details inside.
Poster Handle El Quisqueyano
Post Content
It's pinned!

Folks need to read this shit! El Q's work has been solid and done for the awareness of folks!

El Q, do you write into George Ure? If not, perhaps you could consider it? I know many folks that read his site each day would be interested to read your work.

My dad and myself both firmly believe that the sun puts out all sorts of geo-effective energy.

With the NAC activating, the more that see this and are made aware...the better.

ETA: Folks who live within any potentially affected areas may want to note where poorly constructed or vulnerable nuclear power plants are in relation to them...and perhaps start charting an escape route.

I myself live in one of the worst areas. I'm in the NW corner of Illinois....and both the Cordova nuclear power plant and Byron could experience some difficulties if the New Madrid were to experience a hard earthquake....even as far north as we are from the actual New Madrid fault.
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Do you have a link to George Ure's site?
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