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Message Subject Sumarian tablets VS. The Holy Bible
Poster Handle Half-Ass
Post Content
Our modern technology has proved the Bible wrong. That means that if there is a God, he didn't write the Bible and the Bible is not his word. If the Bible were the word of God and the Bible is wrong, then God is wrong. And if God can't be wrong, then the Bible, which is wrong, can't be the word of God.
 Quoting: Aiyanna

The Bible Says... and It Is So.

Bible says ...
God created man, the Earth and universe. And this is what is found. Man has always been man. There is no proof of the subhuman cavemen claimed by many who reject God.

Bible says ...
God caused a great global flood to come upon the Earth killing everything on land except eight people including Noah and many animals who survived aboard a ship designed by God called the Ark. And this is what is found. Sedimentary layers cover the Earth containing the fossils of all that were killed in the global flood about 4350 years ago. Textbooks and all of science admit these sediment layers theorizing a meteor struck the Earth, and it may have. Noah's Ark has been found by amature biblical archaeologist Ron Wyatt.

Bible says ...
After the flood Noah's great-grandson Nimrod founded Babylon a kingdom that included Sumeria. And this is what is found. Archaeologists have found his name on many inscriptions and tablets in the excavated city of Babylon.

Bible says ...
The tribes of Israel came out of Egyptian slavery and settled Palestine and Judea. And this is what is found. The exodus route, Red Sea crossing location, the real Mount Sinai and surrounding artifacts have all been found by Ron Wyatt. Many cities built by the Jewish people remain today, including Jerusalem.

Bible says ...
God came to Earth as a man, Jesus. And this is what is found. First and second century historians and witnesses record the life and times of Jesus and Christian converts.

Bible says ...
There will be four kingdoms on Earth from the time of Daniel in Babylon until the end when Jesus returns, written by Daniel at that time. As yet this is what has been. These kingdoms have been: Babylon, Persia, Greek and the Roman Empire which still rules today.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1547099

norespect sorry dude. with hundreds of religious texts known and researched throughout the world, it is quite obvious that not only one has the "correct" story. especially since they all have uncanny similarities in the stories... they are all to be treated as any other text: information that is vital to incorporate into one's worldview to better understand where we are going and where we have been. hf
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