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Message Subject >>>>> MOTHER LODE - Big caches of free & legal survival/TEOTWAWKI/homesteading downloads <<<<< (Updated Jun 25 2013)
Poster Handle cdevidal
Post Content
One area the web is deficient in (that I have found) is the subject of wild edibles. Oh, you'll see smatterings of information, but that's a topic I'd want good knowledge of before I confuse a wild carrot with hemlock.

This website has excellent recommendations on wild foraging:
[link to wildfoodadventures.com]

Add to this "Botany in a Day" which seems like a quick way to I.D. unknown plants. Once you narrow it down to a few good likely possibilities, pull out the other books for a better look.
[link to www.amazon.com]

I found many of the wild edible books mentioned on that website at my library, or you might get them through inter-library loan. NOTE: This is something you want on-hand permanently; I borrowed them to decide which one I wanted to buy.
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