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Message Subject >>>>> MOTHER LODE - Big caches of free & legal survival/TEOTWAWKI/homesteading downloads <<<<< (Updated Jun 25 2013)
Poster Handle cdevidal
Post Content
I appreciate the excellent post.

Not to be picky, but in your spiritual section, how about you take out the link to Sovereign Grace Ministries. (I used to be in one and between the recent hypocritical behaviors of Pope CJ, and the stories behind the current sex abuse lawsuit, it just isn't the place to send people now or when TSHTF). Piper at DesiringGod, yes, good choice. A very fine set of links, with that one exception.
 Quoting: cinnamongirl

I was in an SGM church for ten years and while I cannot vouch for the validity of the scandals -- I never saw anything like what is claimed, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen -- I will still recommend their resources for downloading because they're so helpful, regardless what happened.

I understand there's sting of scandal there, but truth is truth. See especially CJ's "Christ and Him Crucified" (not the Passion edition), "Idol Factory," "Main Thing," Dave Harvey's "Surgeon, Scalpel, Saint, etc." and nearly any music they put out.

My point: They might have actually done those things (probably the scandals are true) but it doesn't mean what was said in years past is unhelpful or untrue.
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