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Iraq war musical īLetīs Kick Ass!ī premieres in Denmark

All Right!!!
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09/30/2005 04:28 AM
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Iraq war musical īLetīs Kick Ass!ī premieres in Denmark
I hope this comes to Broadway!

Iraq war musical īLetīs Kick Ass!ī premieres in Denmark
September 30, 2005

COPENHAGEN -- A musical about the Iraq war, Letīs Kick Ass!, was to open in Copenhagen on Thursday, featuring a satirical depiction of US President George W. Bush and his faithful ally in Iraq, Danish Premier Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Letīs Kick Ass!, a reference to a Bush quote, is an adaptation of British musical Follow My Leader by Alistair Beaton, which targets Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

"Like īOh, What A Lovely Warī, which was a reaction to the madness of the First World War, this is an attempt to react to Denmarkīs participation in a war of aggression for the first time in generations," said Synne Henriques, spokeswoman for the Noerrebro theater.

The show, sung in Danish, gives a satirical account of a White House breakfast, a meeting of CIA agents Laurel and Hardy at the Pentagon, features the "tropical paradise" at the US detention center in Guantanamo Bay, and gives a biting account of the Danish parliamentīs narrow vote in favor of sending troops to Iraq.
[link to www.metimes.com]