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WASTED Ron Paul Supporter

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1547332
United States
09/13/2011 06:55 PM
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Re: WASTED Ron Paul Supporter
Just a few years ago that was not against the law. Only when they get in an accident was there an actual crime.

Police state. When these police are not stopping drunks they harass everyone else. They have no time to go after thieves as it does not pay money to the city. The state funds DUI arrests which hires more police - police state.

If they were really trying to save lives we would all be driving 25mph. Speed kills!

LaRaza sits on the board of MADD who advocated all these stupid drunk laws so the police could protect the illegal aliens and free up jobs from the native white Americans. Without the illegal aliens to fill those lost jobs US industry would have been hurt by all the DUI stops doing more harm than good.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1301603
United States
09/13/2011 06:59 PM
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Re: WASTED Ron Paul Supporter
See the connection yet???
 Quoting: Aphrodite

Connections aren't proof either. Connections are just that...connections. I have a cousin that lives in Turkey; that doesn't make me a muslim.

Do you believe there is some smokey room where 5 or 10 people decide to make a slander RP supporter video, get dressed in Border Patrol uniforms, act it out, then give it to the show producer & say 'play this...'?

College prank, maybe I could believe that.

But I've seen drunks be every bit as goofy as this guy, one swearing "I have rights! Let me out!"
 Quoting: Maguyver

What's the matter, you mad bro?