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EQ Doom, Elenin Doom, Sun Doom, Volcano Doom, It AWAYS seems to Fail

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09/14/2011 09:04 PM
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EQ Doom, Elenin Doom, Sun Doom, Volcano Doom, It AWAYS seems to Fail
Ya know, I am a DOOM guy. I like movies like the Day after Tomarrow, 2012, the Knowing, ect. I would like some Elenin Doom, maybe triggering off some EQ Doom and some Doomish Volcanos. It would be great if Greece actually set of a domino effect of massive Economy Doom that would actually kill the way of life for the NWO and Rothchild Inc. Mega-Tsunami, hey, I am all for it. HOWEVER, it seems every kind of DOOM that is covered and questioned and reasoned here on GLP, DIES instantly. If I started a thread about "The coldest winter EVER doom", it would, with out a doubt, be the warmest winter, in the history of the earth, on every piece of earth in the world. It seems, if we really want DOOM-DOOM, we should not talk about it, and wait for it to happen, lol!

I NEED SOME REAL DOOM, not hypostatized doom, I mean real, holy SHIT, Bring in the Tomato Plants DOOM! ANY FORM, ANY HOW. DO you have any REAL, close to happening DOOM for me??