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Message Subject 100's of thousands of FEMA coffins prepared for American citizens 2012, NWO, Martial Law-CIA confession of red,blue and yellow list,wich are you?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Are they gonna shackle us into the coffins after they behead us with the guillotines? Then drive the coffins away in boxcars, and later dump us into the mass graves surrounded by barbed wire fences?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1183343


See when the rock swings by, we get a pulse that resets earths magnetic field. Millions are turned to zombies. You know the line "In a instant we will be changed". Got to have a method of dealing with this "colapse of society".

See this goes back millions of years, and why history dosent line up. We are in a loop, ebb and flow, yin, and yang. Some might say south paw against rightie, however it is in the way the mind is wired. Analytical, VS, emotional. In the golden age, and in reverse polarities, the emotional compassionate side wins.

See "g-d" is coming back, remember he was chronos, and gia, they ruled during the earths golden age, historically the polarity of the earth was reversed then. Then the clash, Zeus, helios, hades and the rest of the fallen ones taken control of this realm. The christians call him jesus. Hidden catholic religion sol invictus, goes back to visna, king of the yeuzi, later Buddha's dad, the fallen ones, those from above, the moon people of china. Same crock, new day, kill whitey, aryan bullshit, stupid whitey thinks he is aryan when it is islam that is aryan. Retards worshiping the "devil" (zeus , lightning bolts, eagle, hindu swastika), through the catholic church and the vatican.

The "end" is a process, massive convection, flip, ice age, then a return to eden. Enjoy the ride. Make sure you are stocked up before the new year, prices will spiral, crops will continue to fail. The black haired aryan askenazi will turn to zombies when reset happens.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1538743

so your'e conclusion is that this thread is BS and we will wake up 1 day with half the population as zombies?
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