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Message Subject Tracking Nibiru throughout history
Poster Handle Vlad Tepes
Post Content
Dating Niburu (Planet of the Crossing) throughout history.

According to the Ancient Sumerians, Nibiru has an orbital pattern that is around 3600 years. This left me curious to know if 3500-3600 years ago there were any significant Earth-based disasters around that time. Calculate 2011-3600=1589 BCE(BC). What I found has been no less than shocking and further proof of a 3600 year cycle that occurs on this Planet.
 Quoting: Seer777

1. Do ancient Sumerians really describe Nibiru having an orbital pattern of around 3,600 years? What is your source?

2. Why do you substract 3,600 years from this year?

3. To be a cycle you should show that something similar happened 3,600 years before 1,589 BC and/or this year.
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