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Top 10 reasons why we're having uptick in large EQs 2.5+

John Connor
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09/15/2011 05:55 PM
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Top 10 reasons why we're having uptick in large EQs 2.5+
My top ten reasons why earthquakes are increasing:

10. Underground oceans are having tsunamis.

9. Giant ants and worms are climbing to the surface(Tremors).

8. The NWO hit a nerve w/Mother Earth while building underground bunkers.

7. The stock market crashed.

6. Aliens are attacking the planet and we haven't taken notice.

5. Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff attempted comebacks in singing and acting.

4. Elenin/Nibiru(and their magnetic fields) are coming round the corner when they come.

3. Shit happens..deal w/it!

2. The Sun has increased solar activity.

and my top reason why earthquakes are increasing:

1. Fat Oprah went jogging w/Fat Janet and Fat Carnie Wilson, then went out to eat w/Fat Jared at McDonalds several years ago and USGS.gov is just now recording the results!!!

John Connor