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Obama's Illegal Immigration Amnesty and The Death of A Nation

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United States
09/15/2011 06:39 PM
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Obama's Illegal Immigration Amnesty and The Death of A Nation
"Barack Obama has created an unpopular form of Amnesty for illegal aliens in America which supersedes his Constitutional authority, overwrites popularly supported existing Federal laws, and neutralizes prior votes of Congress and all prior American elections which determined who did and did not go to Congress!

To conceal the nature of his actions, Obama avoided an official Presidential Executive Order and instead has created Amnesty by memo and hidden directives. The vast majority of illegal aliens in America now officially have no fear of deportation, and if caught are likely to be given a work permit in some form of new guest worker program never authorized by Congress or the public.

Obama just sent a clear signal around the Globe to the estimated 1 Billion people on the planet who. if allowed, would like to come to America that there is no fear of America's Republic defending itself from mass invasion and demographic submersion of the original mom and pop heartland American inhabitants!

Janet Napolitano's political police at the Department of Homeland Security claim that illegal border crossings have decreased. If true, this is probably because all the illegal aliens are simply riding into America in the Mexican trucks Obama just cleared to roll into our nation, or more of them are just flying in on commercial air flights, as they have for several years now.Why cross the border illegally and risk crossing the desert when Obama and Homeland Security have cleared their way in a truck or plane with fiat Amnesty and work permits waiting for illegal aliens when they arrive?

At a time of historic unemployment and a historic number of Americans suffering under his administration, Obama is moving to add millions of illegal aliens into official and authorized competitive worker roles with Americans who are desperate for any job that would save their families from homelessness, hunger, and collapsed futures.

Dictator Barack Obama is now ruling by fiat and authoritarian decrees in a nation which was founded by revolution and rebellion against that exact form of governance."

Complete article at [link to www.alipac.us]

Obama recently declared at a speech he had a desire to "just do things on my own". This appears to be the first step in the fulfillment of that wish.
Multiculturalism has turned the "Great Melting Pot" into a cafeteria tray.