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Message Subject HPV Vaccine reports in VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System)
Poster Handle pisty
Post Content
A line listing of 16 cases was received on 31 December 2010 from a physician at the Public Health Agency in response to a follow-up request for additional information concerning a report of some cases of anaphylaxis following the administration of ADACEL (lot number C3244AA). The line listing contained 16 cases of anaphylaxis following the administration of ADACEL (various lot numbers). ADACEL had been administered between 2002 and 2010, in unspecified provinces. The reference number for this case is V0905424 and it had been reported by a nurse. A 14 year old female patient, whose medical history was not reported, received a right arm injection of ADACEL (lot number C3125AA), which was the sixth dose in the series, and a first left arm injection of HPV (other manufacturer, lot number not reported) on 28 September 2009, at approximately 10:50 hours. The patient began complaining of extreme itching on arms and torso at 11:00 hours. At this time she was extremely anxious and crying. No rash, wheezing or hives were noted. Pulse was 76/min. Adrenaline 0.5 cc was given intramuscularly at 11:06 hours as itching continued and she was distressed. An ambulance was also called. The patient received a second dose of Adrenaline 0.05 cc intramuscularly at 11:14 hours as her itching continued, she had an occasional cough and she complained of difficulty breathing. Pulse was 84/min, respirations was 40/min. No signs of hives, wheezing or swelling of lips or tongue. The ambulance arrived at 11:20 hours. The paramedics then gave oral BENADRYL and transported her to the hospital emergency room. The patient was discharged home in the care of her parents at 16:00 hours. The patient fully recovered. The other 15 cases in the line listing are captured in cases 2010-07027, and 2011-00002 through 2011-00015.
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