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Kundalini and Mer Ka Ba. 5 channels total. Three new kinds of orgasms! Whoopee!

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09/17/2011 12:53 PM
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Kundalini and Mer Ka Ba. 5 channels total. Three new kinds of orgasms! Whoopee!
Drunvalo, and his ever growing team of some 40 million spiritual researchers, conclude now that there are 5 different channels of kundalini energy, and that each produce different effects within human beings. Previously there were only three: the Ida, Pingala and the Shushumna channels.

[link to www.tantra-kundalini.com]

The first channel enables the traditional orgasm or procreation, the second appears to activate spiritual longing, the third appears to activate the heart with something like a 20 minute orgasm and an intense experience of white light, and then he says there are two more after those three that our bodies cannot even manifest yet.

Let me speculate about this…. Because the Godhead consists of 5 beings: Father, Mother, Son, Daughter and Tao. So, I’m thinking these 5 channels are individual expressions of this Divinity.

1) Regular orgasm correlates with the Daughter force as something that creates physical people and the Daughter force is considered the force behind all of humanity and the Bride of Christ, so to speak,

2) the Spiritual activation channel correlates with the Son force as it clearly inspires people to seek truth and evolve,

3) The heart activation channel correlates with the Mother as she is the traditional source of love and loyalty,

4) the next mystery channel will probably correlate with the Father force then and his channel coming alive should enable us to create our own worlds, and finally:

5) The last channel will energize us to become the Tao –which is the combination of the other four as they express in cosmos - This will then enable us to create other worlds. Just speculating.

say anything you want to. I have seen it all