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Message Subject Did Bob Marley have Illuminati ties?
Poster Handle seer
Post Content
Historically, jewish people involved with British intelligence have governed Jamaica since the East India Company days. Retired intelligence officials would retire and move to Jamaica. Some of these people managed the music industry in Jamaica, Island Records for example, and Bob Marley was their employee.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1552817

bob was a true genius. the lyrics to his songs are absolutely brilliant.
Jamaica is a country highly influenced by the bible, thus the biblical twist to his perspective.
now, the link, IF there is one, may have something to do with his bloodline.
someone needs to trace the bloodline of his white English biological dad.
bob was 1/2 white.
 Quoting: seer

The star of david is the main symbol for "rasta"....not the cross.
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