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Message Subject Did Bob Marley have Illuminati ties?
Poster Handle Accidental Stoner
Post Content
I can't find any evidence of him ever actually meeting Selassie in person.

He did, however, meet the late Emperor's son Asfaw Wossen, who - according
to Timothy White's excellent Marley-biography 'Catch A Fire' - gave
him Solomon's ring.

The Rastafarian Twelve Tribes movement does have a freemasonistic air
to it...but Marley spited them in the end, even if he joined them in the mid 70's.

And Rasta would always tell you to grow your own if you can.
I don't really get the marijuana angle here..?
It's not like ganja wasn't popular before reggae went outernational :D
Getting high in Finland, for instance, is as old as sailing...as old as mama Rossija :D

"Never make a politician
grant you a favour
They will always want to
control you forever"

"Rasta don't work for no CIA"

But who knows.

Love his music til the end, I will, no matter what.

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