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Message Subject Did Bob Marley have Illuminati ties?
Poster Handle GeorgeGeometric
Post Content
Kidding about what? NO, I'm being dead serious.

Bob Marley had so many affairs and love children, he would make Eddy Murphey blush
 Quoting: GeorgeGeometric

ok, so.. i'm already doubting you will agree, but... isn't monogamy a social construct? a method of population and emotional control? 'one love' is the real way for humanity to find it's peace and prosperity. i'm not saying that everyone should be promiscuous, but i am saying that everyone should be free to love everyone. in love, we gain closeness. sex happens to be a great way to spiritually and emotionally develop with a particular person. and of course, there are times where we feel a person is all we need in life and they very well may be, but we are animals, subject to the doings of nature. haha, we happen to be able to question things well, as a species, which has led us to solid beliefs that may not necessarily be true.

i know that post is a little garbled, but it's some food for thought. one world united does not have to mean one world governed.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1554222

Bob Marley sure wasn't 'anti government'.
Remember? He famously pulled both the left and right leaders of Jamaican politics up onto the stage, the same day he was supposedly 'shot by a gunman' (nobody ever saw the gunman, although Bob suffered a minor gunshot wound to his arm).

PS, putting your dick into anything without fear or guilt, is what is preached in the Satanic Bible.
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