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Message Subject Did Bob Marley have Illuminati ties?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Bob Marley sure wasn't 'anti government'.
Remember? He famously pulled both the left and right leaders of Jamaican politics up onto the stage, the same day he was supposedly 'shot by a gunman' (nobody ever saw the gunman, although Bob suffered a minor gunshot wound to his arm).

PS, putting your dick into anything without fear or guilt, is what is preached in the Satanic Bible.
 Quoting: GeorgeGeometric

so if he's not against, he's with? with that kind of black and white, dualist view it's no wonder you took my comments as 'satanic.' jeesh. if there really is an extremely powerful deceiver... don't you think that most people would already be following "his/her/it's" deceptive hoaxes? heh, if it's real, then they probably are. god is probably not a personality. god is everything, if anything. there easily, however could be powerful physical beings. beyond what we understand... but they aren't god, either. for who made them? god can only exist as a compilation of the whole of everything. ..i think.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1554222

look around bro, most people are.

Take jay-Z for instance, he's sold more albums than Elvis.

He also uses masonic and satanic imagery in many of his filmclips. ..seriously, you're eyes aren't opened to this?
 Quoting: GeorgeGeometric

they are. i was pointing at organized religious constructs. i know the everything 'man made' is controlled, i'm just saying that anything written or taught is probably not the word of god and just another form of control. someone earlier posted something about how these kinds of people are useful and dangerous to tptb. when too much a risk, they're taken care of. that's probably the case with bob marley, his words were likely, mostly, his own. i just doubt he was a puppet, y'know?
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