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Message Subject Did Bob Marley have Illuminati ties?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
really interesting theory.. NOT..!!!

Bob Marley had several attempts on his life by the CIA, also his music is completely agains goverment's oppression and most importantly about people's power and love with one another.. Definitelly the same as Lady Gaga..

Also if you research rastafarianism and actually read something istead of looking at the pictures you will understand the whole deal with Haile I Selassie..

Please please pretty please stop with stupid conspiracy theories and start reading about economy or something..
 Quoting: tOpo

If CIA would have wanted Marley dead, they would have killed him but why? Incoherent stoned Jamaican pop singer doesn't pose any danger to US interests.

Lots of jamaican artists have been shot, like Peter Tosh who was killed by a burglar who stole his TV, similar thing happened to KIng Tubby - no conspiracy there

Jamaican record industry got a big boost when English skinheads started to dig Jamaican music, ska to be exact, and later Island records picked up Marley to try to market him internationally ... he was chosen because his mixed race facial features were deemed to be more marketable than totally Black musicians ...

Because Bob was mixed race, he met a lot iof racism from the Blacks in Jamaica ... he became bitter towards his White father who had left Bob's teen mother (father was between 60 and 70) ... so as compensation Marley adopted ultra Black philosophy ...

Bob Marley didn't have anything to do with Illuminati because there isn't any "Illuminati", it's just a fantasy ..

Rastafarians don't do politics because they don't want to have anything to do "Babylon", they want to live on their own means ...
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