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Message Subject Did Bob Marley have Illuminati ties?
Poster Handle Echo3012
Post Content
Well, I don't think he had Illuminati ties. First of all, Bob recorded in 432 Hz, that's a first clue as to what side he was on. Secondly, CIA attempts on his life. I don't know if anyone watched the most recent Bob Marley documentary, but interestingly there is nothing mentioned about the uranium spike in the football shoes he got as a gift. That was apparently what gave him cancer. I watched a documentary from I think '90s, where folks were actually telling the story of the exact moment when Bob put them on for the first time. Surprisingly, nothing was mentioned in the latest one. Then the German "doctor" who did more harm to Bob's body than actually treat the cancer. He was inconvenient for many. They got rid of him. End of.
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