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Message Subject Did Bob Marley have Illuminati ties?
Poster Handle Liberator
Post Content
I no this is an old tread but i find it disturbing that people on this think bob marley had illuminated ties when in numerous songs he blasts imperialism and twisted governments listen to "top ranking" where he takes a swipe at the governments or "could you be loved" where he openingly challenged these people.."babylon system" is a anthem for change where he highlights the lies we have been told over the last few hundred years and challenges people to rebel for the goodness of man ,ONE LOVE was a simple expression he used to unite different races during a time of racist opression ..and i find it funny that yous think he used cannabiss to influence the brainwashing of youth doesnt these so called secret governemnt have cannabiss banned for a reason .Bob was an all round musician who tryed to spark a social change through music and love his songs have overwhelming good messages and his ideology on life was peaceful.The man used to sit on his porch everyday and give away his money to his hometown people because he never valued money .Listen to his music and his lyrics before making such a ridicoulus claim..Its common knowledge that weed was banned because it was a better alternative to wood and the people who owned the forests where extremly wealthy and they influenced government to ban it before it overtook trees in demand do some research its not that hard to find
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