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Message Subject Did Bob Marley have Illuminati ties?
Poster Handle Kole
Post Content
First of all people one has to understand that each person is entitled to their own opinion. Bob Marley was anti-illuminati if you listen to his music consciously you will tend to think the is talking about oppression of Black People and all that but subconsciously u have to understand that is a subliminal message exposing the illuminati prime examples are 'Crazy Baldhead' which crazy baldheads are we chasing? Iron Lion Zion who is he running from? These are questions one should ask themself when listening to his music... But they can not infiltrate Rastafari because Jah gave us herb which protects you from mind control and that's why it is illegal because they who control the Govts want to control our mind...
One Love Jah Bless
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