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Message Subject Did Bob Marley have Illuminati ties?
Poster Handle Mystic Man
Post Content
Ok,first of all I would like to say everyone have to cool.
I self listen a lot to Nesta Marley in the past, and I play that sound on instruments for my self...

the spirit behind this culture has grown through time and uplifted many. but not all. after my personal research based on the feelings planted in I soul not only on the internet,
I would say theres something wrong with that thing.
not direct linked to each person but if I informations are right, the pre-rasta movement is kinda diffuse.

check out this link an make your own decision:

[link to whatdoyoubelieve.blog.fc2.com]

we all have to do a long research, mainly on the ancient scripts and let us lead through our feelings and own vibrations.

all i want to say is:

babylon spread many false images. marley was just a human being and had his own wrongs... never take a human as an idol.
especially for 100%.

I dig every ones post. but check out the image that was build out of marley etc...

seek the truth - not only in the internet.


I Mystic One
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