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Message Subject Did Bob Marley have Illuminati ties?
Poster Handle Aldo Gómez
Post Content
Wow, reading the things I'm reading, the things you're writing, this is actually really funny! hahaha
It is, it really is haha, 'cause saying that of Bob Marley is like saying that Ghandi and Dr. King where ''conspiring'' against their own people.

This ain't about any of them,they where all spreading the same message, did YOU get the message?

It's not about Illumani shet anyway, they evolve already, now it's pure business, greedy bankers with their own agenda, its actually pretty hard to distinguish who is fuckin society up with that name ''Illuminati'' isn't it?

With all do respect and not as a Marley fan, you should really stop this witchhunt 'cause it does what they want, separate us, show our differences rather than our similarities.. you seem like a smart fellow why are you generating gossip and polemic anyhow?

We now who should be judge in court next to the burglars, the murderers and the rapist, is this greedy bankers that you will never see their names on TV but if you dig a little bit..

People are actually starting to discuse about this in a general matter and even on TV! If this is the people you so call ''Illuminati'' then target your energy to them, cut the head and then you can judge any alleged ''accomplice''.(?)

Spread love, we are all humans, we have virtues we have flaws.
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