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Ok whatever you say guys this is it, check this other article
from daily mail

[link to www.newswarped.com]

and this one :

[link to www.space.com]

and many others articles are on the internet.

the mainstream media is just not aware of this discover

everything i wrote is from the articles i provide,
if you don't want to believe it is tyche, nemesis of whatever the name, then all the serious articles are lies ?

No they aren't noob so do some little resarch on it, before reply something that's have no sense thanks
 Quoting: bombnet

It is NOT in our solar system and it is NOT a planet.

Gliese 229 (also written as Gl 229 or GJ 229) is a red dwarf star about 19 light years away in the constellation Lepus. It has 58% of the mass of the Sun,[4] 69% of the Sun's radius,[5] and a very low projected rotation velocity of 1 km/s at the stellar equator.[7]

The star is known to be a low activity flare star, which means it undergoes random increases in luminosity because of magnetic activity at the surface. The spectrum shows emission lines of calcium in the H and K bands. The emission of X-rays has been detected from the corona of this star.[8] These may be caused by magnetic loops interacting with the gas of the star's outer atmosphere. No large-scale star spot activity has been detected.[2]

In 1994 a substellar companion was imaged and it was confirmed in 1995. Gliese 229B is a brown dwarf orbiting the star; although it is too small to sustain hydrogen-burning nuclear fusion, with a mass of 20 to 50 times that of Jupiter (0.02 to 0.05 solar masses) it is still too massive to be a planet. Gliese 229B was the first confirmed substellar-mass object. This object has a surface temperature of 950 K
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